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Imagine a majestic stag standing in front of a yellow light that creates a glowing halo around its elegant form, while its coat sports incredibly vibrant and eerie, harlequin-patterned colors.


The deer is primarily green, with shades of lavender and purple intersecting to create a shimmering coat.  


However, the amazing colors don't stop there. The deer's majestic antlers are a deep, rich purple, as if painted with fresh paint. The antlers are as impressive as the color of his coat, with spikes that stand out proudly from his head.


Overall, the contrast of purple and yellow makes the deer an incredibly stunning sight to see under the spotlight. Bright, vibrant colors add a touch of magic and mystery to the elegant and majestic silhouette of this unique deer.


Acrylic on canvas with gallery frame

24" x 24"

Available at the Le Balcon D’Art Gallery

Arlequin le chevreuil (Available at Balcon D’Art only)

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