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Boutique Studio L’Ancolie

Contemporary ceramics

Logo Anne Cardin Artist pink columbine flower
Anne taking a ceramic pot with lid

Among several ceramic objects, in the Studio L'Ancolie Boutique, you will find the one that will enchant you and which will become a treasure. Whether it is a vase, a pot, a piece of jewelry, a cup or even a sculpture, contemporary ceramics will charm you.

Because the objects around us must reflect our personality!

Wet, it is cold.

Rolled, it has a memory.

Cooked, it is solid.

Clay, one of the oldest materials. One of the 4 elements

Earth element.

It can be raw, raw or soft. It is white or black, malleable, coated, resistant or fragile, molded or glazed.

It's the mother.

Made of bone and leather, often in biscuit, it changes consistency depending on the temperature, low or high. Earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, we all return to the earth, even in a modern and contemporary world.

This collection is the first

created and offered to the store by Anne Cardin, ceramic artist from Studio L'Ancolie.

This collection includes several small contemporary pots and vases, colored with slip using transfer and/or sgrafitto techniques.

Ceramic vase pots for Christmas

In Earthenware, the unique pots from the Abracadabra collection are easily offered as a present for a special birthday.

Unique and original paintings, in all styles and budgets

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