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Is it common to buy a work of art online and what are the advantages?

With the advent
new communication technologies, buying art online is becoming increasingly common, even for discerning collectors and investors. 

To make themselves known and sell their masterpieces, not all artists have the possibility of having a physical gallery.  They prefer to display their works on a website or online platforms online art where more and more art lovers are shopping. 

This technique has become a habit among many artists and buyers.  It is now the best solution for finding an authentic work, and this, as soon as possible.

Buying works of art online allows you to have the object you are interested in without having to travel to complete the purchase. 

Are purchases on the Anne Cardin Artiste website secure?

Yes, the Anne Cardin Artiste site is associated with Stripe and Wix Store, proven online payment platform that allows money to be transferred from a customer's bank account to the company's account using a credit card or Apple pay transaction.

Is Anne Cardin a professional artist?

Anne Cardin is recognized by gallery owners, has had several exhibitions and has sold paintings to unknown buyers, throughof art galleries for a few years, which makes her a professional artist.

Are the artworks that are on the Anne Cardin Artist site are original?

All works of art presented on the Anne Cardin Artist website are unique and original artworks which are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity upon delivery.

Are there derivative products resulting from the works of Anne Cardin?

​Anne Cardin Artist sells derivative products on her site Studio L'Ancolie.  Under the "Boutique" tab, you can buy greeting cards illustrating a detail of some of her original paintings.  The image is printed on photo paper and mounted on the card by Anne Cardin.
      Link:  greeting cards

Can I make a special order?

Make the request by email: While respecting her style, Anne Cardin will be able to discuss with you what you are asking for and will offer you some sketches.  A price and a date will be set and a deposit will be required before starting the project.

Do you have any other questions?  Do not hesitate to write to us:


Online art gallery.

Paintings by Anne Cardin, Franklin's professional artist

Quebec, Canada

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